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Part Numbers

  • ST-02G-3A-U2X Cable: Cable (2m)
  • ST-02G-3A-U5X Cable: Cable (5m)
  • ST-02G-3A-U9X Cable: Cable (9m)
  • ST-10G-3B-U2X Cable: Cable (2m)
  • ST-10G-3B-U5X Cable: Cable (5m)
  • ST-10G-3B-U9X Cable: Cable (9m)
  • ST-10W-3B-U2X Cable: Cable (2m)
  • ST-10W-3B-U5X Cable: Cable (5m)
  • ST-10W-3B-U9X Cable: Cable (9m)


Important: Sensors and cables have to be ordered separately. All the indicated part numbers of the sensors in the catalogue which do not have an incorporated cable refer only to the sensor – the corresponding cable is not included in this part number. The corresponding cable has to be ordered separately.