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Part Numbers

  • KV 01-0 Height Gauge: Height Gage, without sensors
  • KV 01-A Height Gauge: Height Gage, with 2pc.IR-004-NS-U2L
  • KV 01-B Height Gauge: Height Gage, with 2pc.IR-004-PS-U2L
  • KV 01-C Height Gauge: Height Gage / with 2 IR 4-NAMUR


  • Tolerance control with output signal for too short, acceptable, too long
  • Check for failure
  • Presence control

The height gauge KV is used for hte control of two adjustable positions with a range from 0.03 to 5 mm.

Whenever precision feedback and adjustment are required. 

Output signal: when the preset limiting values are reached. 

Technical Data

INductive SWITCHES for KV 01

Order IR parts

  • IR-004-NS-U2L (NPN, normally open)
  • IR-004-PS-U2L (PNP, Normally open)
  • IR-oo4-AX-U20 (NAMUR, analog)