Spring Feeders

Spring Feeders

Meto-Fer® Automation Spring Feeders provide a cost-effective solution for disentangling and feeding springs or other cylindrical parts using compressed air. If you have questions regarding the application of Spring Feeders for your specific needs, please call us.

No Distortion or Breakage
Because the Spring Feeder FG utilizes a controlled airflow to separate, disentangle and feed springs or other cylindrical parts, it is ideal for open or closed coil springs that would be impossible to feed with vibratory bowl or drum type feeders.

Up to Six Feed Outputs
Depending on the feed rate, dimension and form of spring, this spring feeder allows up to six outputs. Each output can supply up to 100 springs or cylindrical pieces per minute.

Virtually No Maintenance
Because the spring feeder operates oil-free, it requires no maintenance other than a recommended periodic cleaning.

Easy-to-Operate Control Unit
The integrated spring feeder control system is equipped with an automatic on/off and operates on 24 volts DC. It is user-programmable, allowing control over spinning time, blowing time, pauses, light barrier and filling parameters.

Optional Hopper for Bulk Supply
Available in two models, the Hopper FG holds a bulk quantity of springs, easily facilitating automatic refilling of the Spring Feeder. Another quality product of Meto-Fer¨ Automation, providing the performance you need, at an affordable price. The new Meto-Fer¨ Spring Feeder FG will provide increased productivity, efficiency and fast return on your investment.

Meto-Fer® Spring Feeders increase productivity in any automated application in which springs are a component of the assembly. By design, the Meto-Fer® Spring Feeder disentangles springs and can feed springs or other cylindrical parts by means of compressed air, so it not only serves as a spring disentangler, but a dispenser of springs and other cylindrical parts. If you have needs or application for spring detangling, spring disentangling, spring feeding, automated spring feeding, automatic spring and cylindrical part feeding, compressed air spring feeding, spring disentangling units, automated spring assembly, and/or spring feeder components, this is the ideal solution for you.