Automation Systems

Meto-Fer USA provides a wide variety of quality automation components, as well as electronic sensors / stop screws. We also offer examples of ways in which our modular components can be easily combined to achieve various common automation tasks.

Pick and Place Stations
We can provide assistance in the configuration of our high quality components into complete pick and place stations. In addition, we offer examples of standard configurations of our components to create functional pick and place units.

Spring Feeders
Meto-Fer® Automation Spring Feeders provide a cost-effective solution for disentangling and feeding springs or other cylindrical parts using compressed air.

Automated Assembly
We also provide assistance in the configuration of our modular components into complete Automated Assembly systems.

Modular Linear Transfer Systems: MP System
An effective solution for creating automated pallet systems, using our standard modules. Benefits include:

  • Interchangeable modular elements
  • A variety of standard modules allow you to determine machine configuration
  • Supports manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation
  • Easily expanded
  • Manual work modules can be directly integrated as needed
  • Modules operate autonomously
  • Two-belt system moves pallets in a linear direction
  • Module type stations can be added lengthwise or crosswise as needed