Parallel Gripper KZL

Parallel Gripper KZL
Parallel motion/ linear
clamping force up to 550 N

The Parallel Gripper KZL is available in a variety of sizes from KZL 12 to KZL 50, utilizing a variety of dimensions for air connections. Clamping force at 72.5 psi (5 bar) ranges from 7 pounds (31N) to 124 pounds (550N).

The Parallel Gripper KZL operates on compressed air, oiled/not oiled; at pressure from 43.5 to 116 psi (3-8 bar). Sensor options include two IM proximity sensors. For more information, please download Section 4 of the METO-FER USA product catalog — Grippers: Angular, Semi-Parallel, 180° Angular, Parallel, Three Finger Angular (to download, right click link and choose “Save target as…”).

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