Automation Components

Meto-Fer Automation provides a broad selection of automation components, including pneumatic and linear slides, modular rotary actuators and compact gripper modules.

Pneumatic Linear Modules

View a sampling of our selection of Linear Units, Vertical Units, Standard Roller Slides, Elevating Tables, and Mini Linear Units.

Rotary Actuator Modules

View a sampling of our selection of Rotary Actuator Modules, including actuators with angle of rotation from 0 – 180° and 0 – 360°.

Modular Grippers: Angular, Semi-Parallel, 180° Angular, Parallel, Three Finger Angular

View a sampling of our selection of Modular Grippers, including angular motion, semi-parallel motion and parallel motion grippers.

Oil and Elastomer Cushions, Flow Controls, Vacuum Units, Suction Cups

View a sampling of our elastomer cushions, flow control valves, suction cups, compensation reservoirs, oil cushions and vacuum units/venturi.

For more information about our automation components products offering, please use our information request form, or call us today at 1-888-METO-FER.